Saturday, April 05, 2008

1 Seeds

Everyone's talking about the fact that for the first time ever, we've got four 1 seeds in the Final Four. What hasn't been mentioned much (except for me when I called in to one of the local sports talk radio stations) is that three of those four 1 seeds are 3 of the 4 all-time best programs. No disrespect to Memphis, but imagine if Kentucky had had a more normal year and made it in as a 1 seed instead of the Tigers? The three all-time winningest programs plus the one that has won the most championships? Ah well. As it is, we shouldn't ignore the fact that while Memphis has been inconsistent, they certainly have been there before. I'm old enough to remember Bill Walton scoring 44 points in the 1973 championship game against a Larry Kenon-led Memphis State team and they had some other good teams since then.

And given that they're up 10 on UCLA with less than 8 minutes to go, they're looking scary good.



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