Friday, April 18, 2008

Feeling the Burn

Rode down to Pinehurst last Thursday with my boss for a vendor-sponsored golf thingie that included dinner, overnight at the Pinehurst resort and golf on Friday at Pinehurst #5. Now, I've played maybe a dozen and a half rounds of golf in my life and hadn't played at all in about 8 years, so rusty is hardly an adequate description of my "game", if you can call it that. I did pick up some new clubs a couple of years ago after playing with an assortment of hand-me-downs from my father and grandfather and I did get out to the driving range a couple of times, but I was prepared to be embarassed and didn't disappoint. It was captain's choice of course and I did hit a couple of really nice chips onto the domed greens but for the most part it was as if I had never seen a golf club before AND had some sort of palsy. All of that said, I did have a lot of fun (not so much that I'm likely to want to start playing regularly).

Unfortunately, in the rush to get going Friday morning, I left my sunscreen in my overnight bag, so I played the round unprotected. That didn't seem too bad Saturday and even Sunday I was doing all right, but by Monday my arms and neck were covered with a really nasty-looking rash. Now I've gotten a lot of sunburns before and I've never had anything like this - the only thing I can think is that something I was taking (aspirin? Sudafeds?) or something I was eating made me very photosensitive. I still look like I've got some kind of horrible pox, but it's starting to get better (people aren't edging away from me in meetings quite as much as they were earlier this week). But yuck!



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