Monday, April 28, 2008


While surfing the Interwebs to see who was writing about the Pressure Boys shows coming up this weekend, I found something I'd searched for a number of times before with no luck. Yes, there is finally a tribute site up for Barney's Army! In case you weren't living in the Triangle in the late 70s and early 80s, you might have missed WPTF's afternoon cartoon show, featuring the 2-dimensional cartoon host, Barney and the unforgettable call-in video game, TV Pow! Kids would call in and holler "Pow!" (which always came out in 2 syllables - always!) when they thought the target was lined up in the sights. The website has a clip of the very last TV Pow - awesome stuff!

The other truly wonderful thing about Barney's Army was watching favorite local bands like the X-Teens and Arrogance get on and make absolute fools of themselves lipsynching badly to their songs. My favorite was a very drunken Friday afternoon in the spring of 1982 right after my girlfriend and I had broken up as had my friend Chaz, so Chaz, Matt and myself got very wasted and watched the Fabulous Knobs pretending to play "Don't Stop Now" for the kiddies on Barney's Army, with Dave Adams from Glass Moon pretending to play keyboards. You can see the video on the BA site - it really must be seen to be believed!



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