Saturday, October 11, 2008


The Tar Heels beat the Domers? Really? Holy freaking Christ!!

This is the biggest game I can remember for the Heels. The win over Miami on a Conner Barth last-second field goal a few years ago FELT this big but it actually signaled the high point of the Bunting era and the end of Miami as a national power rather than the beginning of something special. This win though, in Davis' second year with a team that is now 5-1 and that has managed comebacks against Top 25 and near-Top 25 teams this year already, is truly a Big Fucking Deal. Sure, we've got half a season to go, including the trip to Charlottesville next week where the Tar Heels seem fated never to win again as long as I live (damn you Mack Brown!!) but if by chance they can get by the Wahoos, there really is a decent chance for them to finish at least 10-2 and maybe even 11-1. And, of course, with BC, a good Georgia Tech team and a decent Dook team (did I really say that?), we could also finish 7-5. But I don't expect that, unless Brandon Tate's injury is a lot worse than it appears. Even 11-1 wouldn't guarantee them a spot in the ACC championship game or a second BCS bid, but 9 or more wins would make a pretty damned impressive statement to the rest of college football.

Go Heels!



At 10:18 AM, Blogger Lex Alexander said...

A great win indeed, and I wish I had seen it. On the other hand, I have officially become the Panthers' good luck charm: The only two games they've lost so far this are games of which I didn't see at least a good portion ... and they didn't just lose, they stunk up the joint both times. I'm thinking they need to get me luxury-box seats, home and away, pronto.


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