Monday, October 20, 2008

KDH Day Five - Tony Tends His Wounds

KDH-style surfing

Way too often I do too much on vacation and end up exhausted. This time there was actually a method to my madness as I intended to front-load the stupid stuff while J was working on her class and use the second half of the vacation to recover. So Thursday I slept in a bit, let my bruises color, and chilled while J got some classwork done. This was the first overcast day and tad cooler and when I walked out on the balcony, the beach was totally different than earlier in the week. Where before during mid-morning you saw shell-seekers, dog-walkers and a few joggers, Thursday the beach was covered as far as the eye could see with large pickups trucks and enormous SUVs with surf casters in front of each one. The condo is right next to a public access point and around 10:30, there was a traffic jam as they started to clear the beach. By 11:15, there were very few of them left, leaving the beach to the walkers again.

Mid-afternoon we took a drive up to Corolla to poke around the shops and walk around a bit (plus I like driving up into Currituck County past the $3M houses and do a little fantasizing). Unfortunately most of the places up there that weren't closed for the season were closing at 5pm, so we didn't get a lot of time since we'd gotten a late start. As we'd kinda skipped lunch, we opted for dinner at North Banks Seafood rather than driving back down to Kitty Hawk or KDH. We'd eaten there once before a year or two ago on a day when their A/C wasn't working and the fact that we'd even consider going back was a good indication that the food was good. This time it was cool and the food was even better - it's a pretty laid back, bar-oriented atmosphere but I like it. The "crab grenades" appetizer rocks. I've seen some poor reviews of the place but I like it.

Little note about the Outer Banks - you could blindfold me, drug me, and drive me around for two days before sitting me down in a restaurant and I'd be able to immediately tell you whether I was on the Outer Banks or not by whether the Weather Channel was on the bar TV. From fairly upscale places like Ocean Boulevard to bar-oriented places like Red Drum and North Banks, unless there is a local-interest sports event and only one TV, you'll see the Weather Channel.

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At 12:17 AM, Blogger Cindy Lee said...

a little inside info; The weather channel stays on a lot of OBX home tv's all the times also. I had to laugh at that one ;-)


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