Tuesday, October 14, 2008

KDH Day Three - Tony Turns 48


Beach Pigeon

Managed to sleep in a little later on my birthday. The weather cooled off a bit (it hit 80 on Monday but wouldn't quite reach 70 on Tuesday) and the wind picked up a little bit, although nowhere near as much as it did later in the week. With JennySlash having to spend so much time working, we'd decided not to bring the tandem kayak with us, but I'd been planning to rent a sit-on-top to take out into the surf. Monday I ended up too tired and Tuesday was too cool and a bit choppy, so we opted for a walk out on the beach instead. Afterwards I took the bike out and rode down to Whalebone Junction and back.

Dinner was at Ocean Boulevard in Kitty Hawk and was a memorable experience! The scallops were fantastic and the creme brulee I had as a substitute for birthday cake was out of this world. This was only the second time we'd eaten there and I highly recommend it for a special occasion. Great birthday!

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