Monday, October 13, 2008

KDH Day Two - Tony Settles In

Monday morning sunrise

J is the best dolphin spotter - she pointed out this little pod out playing in the waves

...until the damned alarm went off at 6:45 am. Apparently whoever had stayed there last had neglected to turn the thing off, so I was up WAY earlier than intended. I did wander out to the balcony to take a couple of pictures before going back to bed for another hour or two.

JennySlash had to work on her paper, so I went for a run down the beach road (I like running on the beach, but only barefoot and that's frankly not a good idea for a very long distance) before coming back for breakfast. Then I went for a swim or wade-and-splash or something for awhile in the afternoon. The water temp was still low 70s and the air temp was close to 80, so it was quite comfortable!

J knocked off for a bit late in the afternoon and wanted to get out, so we drove down to the outlet shops and did some serious damage to the Eddie Bauer outlet (if it weren't for Eddie Bauer, I'd pretty much be naked) before heading up to my favorite restaurant - Chilli Peppers. Besides having some of the best t-shirts around, the chimmi churri oysters appetizer is worth a drive to the beach all by itself. Mmmmmm-mmmmm!

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