Monday, October 13, 2008

KDH - Prologue

I don't like to blog about being out-of-town until after I'm back. I've never tried very hard to hide my non-Interweb identity and while it's probably not likely to happen, it wouldn't be all that hard for someone to figure out where I live, so blogging about being at the beach for a week is best done afterwards.

So NOW it can be revealed that JennySlash and I just got back from a week at Kill Devil Hills, staying in a rental condo right on the beach (something we usually don't do - we usually stay on the soundside on Roanoke Island). This was definitely a (much-needed) vacation for me but a working one for J as she was working hard on a grad school assignment most of the week.

Note on food: You'll note a lot of attention paid on where we ate. That goes back to our first trips out to the Outer Banks back in 1986, when finding anything other than fried seafood and steaks was nearly impossible (a little place on the beach road called Gandalf's probably saved our marriage and certainly kept us from starving to death). Since then every year there are more and more really good restaurants with a fine variety of styles and even though some of my favorites like Millie's Diner, Papagayos and the aforementioned Gandalf's are gone, there are new ones every year that take their place. So, yeah, it's important.

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At 10:14 AM, Blogger Lex Alexander said...

I don't write about trips out of town before or during, either. (No Tweeting from airports for me.) Slim chance, I know, but I don't like broadcasting to the world that my home might be even partially empty.

You guys obviously had a great time. I'm envious.


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