Sunday, October 19, 2008

Meanwhile, back on the campaign trail

I'll finish the vacation blogging in the next day or two, but I had to comment on a couple of election things from the last couple of days.

On the good side, the $150M that the Obama campaign raised in September is pretty damned phenomenal, but of even more interest is the number of donors - over 600K. Hard to call him a captive of special interests when the donations are from that widespread a demography. The next bit of good news is the endorsement of Colin Powell. While unsurprisingly a number of wingnuts are chalking this up to the black folks sticking together, I think this has real resonance for the few idiots that are left that still haven't made up their mind who they'll vote for. The lefter-leaning like me haven't forgotten or forgiven Powell for playing along with the great Iraq bamboozlement of the first Bush term, but for most people I think he still carries some clout. Then there's the 100K people in St. Louis and the 75K in Kansas City (including a buddy of mine who had been undecided until a few weeks ago) who showed up to hear Obama. And the Supreme Court decision on the spurious suit brought against Ohio - yet another voter suppression effort but this one actually stopped.

On the other hand, things are getting really nasty on the right as McCain's hopes fade. Between voter suppression efforts in a number of now-purple states, including my own, crowd attacks on journalists (an N&R reporter and an MSNBC cameraman were attacked during Palin's appearance at Elon College) and horrendous (and annoying) robocalls in NC and other states, the Repuglicans are determined to either steal the election through voter suppression or to try to invalidate it if Obama wins.

So in summary it's looking good but I won't rest easy until the election is actually over. I'm already planning to call in sick the day after, as I'll either have had a couple of bottles of champagne in celebration or I'll have killed a fifth of Jack Daniels in shock and anger.



At 12:12 AM, Blogger Cindy Lee said...

there are so many political adds on the radio right now in VA that I don't even turn it on.


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