Sunday, November 02, 2008

Barack the Vote Chapel Hill - Post 7

The dB's

Still a pretty good crowd after over 5 hours

Peter Holsapple - Guitar God

Mitch Easter - Bass Guitar God (?)
Joking aside - Mitch was tight and sounded great

Chris Stamey - doing Ask For Jill, I think

I'll admit that I was there primarily to see the dB's (I voted a couple of weeks ago, kids) and I was not disappointed. Can't wait for the new material they've been talking about!

Let's not lose sight of the primary reason for the concert - it was to get people out to vote (of course primarily for Barack Obama). There was a really nice energy in the air and for all that could go wrong and despite the attempts that I'm sure there will be to steal the election, I'm feeling pretty good about the chances for a big Democratic night Tuesday night. I'm hoping for nothing less than 330 electoral votes but I'll settle for 271.

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