Wednesday, January 30, 2008

One More Reason

I'm convinced that if Hillary Clinton is elected President, Sean Hannity's big fat empty head will explode on live national television during the election coverage. Who couldn't wish for that??


Second Choice

Very sad day with John Edwards dropping out of the presidential race. It has been obvious for a few weeks now that it would have to happen but I, like most everyone else, am surprised that it came quite so quickly. It sounds like contrary to popular rumor that this has nothing to do with Elizabeth (thank goodness for that!) and really is more an acceptance of the inevitable and one can't really argue with that.

There's a lot of speculation in the media and the blogosphere (can you separate those anymore?) about where John's supporters are going to go. This one, at least for now, is heading for Hil's camp. Hillary's positions by far are the closest to Edwards' and frankly, for all the talk of change, it takes someone that knows the system to change it and she knows it better than most anyone else that's running. That's not to say that I'll be all that disappointed if Obama wins as he definitely has a lot going on - that's the nice thing about being a Democrat this year!

I am totally ignoring all the shit about who is the most electable because that is absolutely meaningless. All of the scary stuff about how Hillary is so divisive and how she would lose to McCain is both wrong and playing into the hands of the Republicans. I don't get that groundswell of anti-Hillary feeling even at work, where I'm surrounded by people much more conservative than I am - I really think that's a narrative manufactured by the media that has no bearing on reality. Do they forget just how fucking popular Bill was at the end of his presidency and how popular he remains? You know, we really do remember just how damn well off we felt with Bill in charge and frankly I think most of us - boomers, tweeners, Gen Xers - can identify with Hillary. She doesn't frighten us the way the pundits seem to think - she IS us, even moreso than Bill. So if anyone's counting, add this Edwards supporter to the Clinton column.