Thursday, June 26, 2008


Saw them last night on The Daily Show. Still don't really care for them. I give "X & Y" a listen every now and again to see if I've changed my mind and you know, The Speed of Sound isn't a bad song and Clocks from a previous CD isn't bad and musically they're somewhat interesting if not particularly challenging but a) there just doesn't seem to be as much there as their music advertises and b) Chris Martin's falsetto whining DRIVES ME UP A FRICKIN WALL!! His regular singing voice is fine but when it starts to climb into the stratosphere, my skin starts to crawl. Sorry, still don't care for them but Lord knows they're better than 99.9% of the other crapola that would be number 1 on the charts if it weren't for them, so there's that.

Of course I'd think better of Chris if he'd brought Gwyneth Paltrow onto the set with him last night...