Friday, August 22, 2008


Spent last weekend in Alexandria, mostly getting some sleep, eating good food and looking at art - not a bad way to spend a couple of days! A couple of years ago when I was on the EPA contract and driving up to DC every couple of weeks (before I discovered the then-cheap American Airlines flights), I started staying at the Embassy Suites at the King Street Metro station which gave me a place to park the car without driving all the way into DC. The Metro meant fast, easy access to my office and to the EPA buildings.

It's less than a mile and a half from the hotel/Metro station down King Street to the river and the Torpedo Factory, a massive working gallery. Lots of excellent restaurants along the way along with other shops and galleries (I can heartily recommend Bistrot Lafayette and Flying Fish). Saturday felt almost like fall (low 80s but dry air) and there's now a free trolley to get you from one end of the street to the other if your tootsies are tired. Really nice way to get away from town for a couple of days!


"See the Happy Narwhale!"

I got a real happy a couple of weeks ago - was walking through Target when I noticed that Freakazoid! Season One is finally out on DVD - yay!! I always kinda liked the Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain but Freakazoid! was my fave - what's not to like about a teenage geek that gets zapped by a computer bug and gets turned into a superpowered, hyperactive lunatic with a rabid dog called "Foamy" that constantly bites him in the butt as a sidekick?