Thursday, September 04, 2008

What to Expect

In case you were wondering...

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Thrown Under the Straight Talk Express

The thing that makes the breaking of John McCain even sadder is that it looks to me like the Repuglicans have pretty much given up on 2008 as a lost cause anyway. So they throw a guy they don't really like, who's too old to be a factor in 2012, under the bus along with a cipher of a VP candidate who was unlikely to be a factor in a national election in any year. They'll protect the guys that they think might have a chance in 2012 and use McCain and Palin and Coulter and Hannity and Malkin and Limbaugh and Levin and FauxNews to try to damage Obama so badly that when he wins and has to face trying to fix the disaster that 8 years of Republican rule has left us with, he'll be unable to effectively do the things we're going to elect him to do. So they'll paint him as ineffective and all talk and position a new face for 2012. Just watch.

The good thing is that despite the 8 years of an unjust war, the suspension of the Bill of Rights (except for the ever-popular 2nd Amendment), US engaging in torture, pokey economy, huge deficits, tax breaks for the rich, dangerous Supreme Court nominations, K Street lobbyist, Jack Abramoff, and on and on and on, I still think there's a chance that an Obama presidency can actually accomplish some good. We sure as hell can't afford four more years of the crap we've just lived through.


Maverick, Schmaverick

It looks to me like the rabid right-wingers have accomplished something that the North Vietnamese could not - they've apparently broken John McCain. As became more and more obvious throughout the primaries, he's backed away from almost all of the positions that won him the "maverick" label, he's backed off his VP preference (Joe-Mentum) and instead picked an unvetted nobody to placate the wingnuts, he's bragged about voting with the most unpopular President since Andrew Johnson over 90% of the time, he's mentioned his history as a POW more often that Rudy G mentions "9/11" and now he's hired one of the very sleazoids that slimed him in the South Carolina primary in 2000 in his run against W. Hey, I guess the good thing is that Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are talking nice about him now, but I don't see that playing well with the independent voters that he used to appeal to. Unless they're not paying attention.

And this year I think they will pay attention.


Palin at the RNC

Wow, what's she so angry about? Maybe somebody should learn to use their "inside voice". Is she unhinged?


Monday, September 01, 2008

Carolina Football 2008 Edition

Glad we won but we've got to play a hell of a lot better than that to make the 7-8 wins that we really should achieve.



Anybody that has the balls to hand a microphone to a 7 year old girl on national television and in a convention hall full of delegates will be a kick-ass First Lady. Go Michelle!



I do believe that candidates' families generally should be out of the equation of who should be president. But Bristol Palin's pregnancy is significant given that her mom insists that only abstinence-based sex ed be taught (yeah, we see how well THAT works!) and is anti-choice in almost every instance, including rape and incest, so talk of how her daughter "chose" to keep her baby is a little, erm, interesting given that her mom doesn't think that choice should be available under any circumstances.

Hopefully Bristol has made the right choice for her and just as hopefully her mom will be right there to help her through this rather than in Washington trying to prevent any other young women from being able to make the choice that is right for her.



I've had a strong suspicion that the Repuglicans were planning a September surprise and we'd hear that McSame was dropping out of the race due to "health reasons" and we'd see Romney or Huckleberry or someone else get tabbed. With Sarah Palin's annointment as the VP candidate, now I'm thinking it's more likely that the Repub powers-that-be are hanging them both out to dry. They've realized what a fucking mess they're leaving the country in and figure that whoever gets "lucky" enough to inherit it is in a no-win situation. So why sacrifice someone that might have a chance in 2012 - throw McSame and his new squeeze under the bus and line up your candidates for the next go-round. Sure, it's cynical (no more cynical than a lot of pundits were suggesting Hill was being). Throw Palin in to appease the Dobson crowd and string them along for another 4 years without having to worry about her ever seriously getting anywhere close to the White House.

Nothing else about this makes any damn sense to me at all.



Man, I love living in a college town!