Saturday, October 11, 2008


The Tar Heels beat the Domers? Really? Holy freaking Christ!!

This is the biggest game I can remember for the Heels. The win over Miami on a Conner Barth last-second field goal a few years ago FELT this big but it actually signaled the high point of the Bunting era and the end of Miami as a national power rather than the beginning of something special. This win though, in Davis' second year with a team that is now 5-1 and that has managed comebacks against Top 25 and near-Top 25 teams this year already, is truly a Big Fucking Deal. Sure, we've got half a season to go, including the trip to Charlottesville next week where the Tar Heels seem fated never to win again as long as I live (damn you Mack Brown!!) but if by chance they can get by the Wahoos, there really is a decent chance for them to finish at least 10-2 and maybe even 11-1. And, of course, with BC, a good Georgia Tech team and a decent Dook team (did I really say that?), we could also finish 7-5. But I don't expect that, unless Brandon Tate's injury is a lot worse than it appears. Even 11-1 wouldn't guarantee them a spot in the ACC championship game or a second BCS bid, but 9 or more wins would make a pretty damned impressive statement to the rest of college football.

Go Heels!


Monday, October 06, 2008

CPAP - Follow-up

It's definitely gotten better. I'm waking up during the night and it's sometimes taking quite a while to fall back asleep, but it's definitely getting better. Since about the fourth night, I've either slept with the mask through the whole night or I've only taken it off a few minutes before the alarm was going to go off. Last night was the best so far - woke up 3-4 times but fell right back asleep and managed over 6 hours without much interruption. Getting there.