Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Doctor Dean

Every Democratic politician in America should line up across Vermont to kiss Howard Dean's ass - in a climate that said Democrats had to focus on specific states and districts and that some places weren't worth the effort, Dean's 50 State Strategy in 2006 put the Democratic Party in the majority in both houses for the first time in twelve years and paved the way for Obama to compete across the country. Nice going, Dr. Dean - we owe you one.



I'm not sure what this means...

As I walked out to the Xterra yesterday morning, I startled a huge hawk that must have been just on the other side of the car - it flew right past me about chest height before landing in a tall pine across the street. I'm used to seeing hawks in the neighborhood but usually looking up a few dozen feet at them. It was nice to see one at eye level and only a dozen feet away for a change!

Then as I was driving back from the store after dark, a very large owl (I'm assuming a barred owl) flew across the street not 30 feet in front of me. If a black cat crossing your path is supposed to be bad luck, what does having two raptors cross your path the same day mean?


Cabinet Post

I know there's talk of keeping Gates on during the transition. Let's make it until July. Then the NBA season will be over and Obama can appoint Michael Jordan as Secretary of Defense! Think about it - one of the best all time defenders in the NBA, Chicago guy, incredible end game. Who better?

And the Bobcats sure seem to be going nowhere fast...

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