Sunday, February 01, 2009

New Source of Revenue

I suggest the Obama administration nominate EVERY American for a high-ranking government job so we'll all pay those back taxes we've been ignoring. Could be a big enough windfall for the Treasury that we can pay for the stimulus.

I had some sympathy early on for Geithner as apparently there is some lack of clarity around income tax for folks working the IMF, but later reports that he was told repeatedly by the IMF that he owed taxes killed that. And Daschle? No excuse.

Obviously with anyone you take the good with the bad and in Geithner's case, it's probably worth it. I want the best possible person for Treasury right now and I don't argue that he's not the guy. But as much as I've liked Daschle from a policy perspective, there's gotta be somebody else out there with the skills for HHS. I know that it's not as simple for these guys as to pop in a new copy of Turbotax (despite Geithner's statement) and do their taxes in a weekend, but if you can afford to pony up over $100K in back taxes on short notice, you can afford a competent accountant to do your books.



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