Thursday, April 16, 2009

No Excuse

I went from being inordinately proud of my alma mater after they won another national championship to embarrassed to have my name associated with them in barely more than a week. Tom Tancredo is an idiot. The more he talks, the more it becomes obvious that he's an idiot. And a racist. And a xenophobe. That does not mean that he doesn't have a right to speak at UNC. Attend his speech and boo if you'd like. Hold up a sign outside or in the back that doesn't obstruct anyone's view. But the actions by a surprisingly large number of protesters Tuesday night at Bingham Hall were inexcusable (and illegal), regardless of who was speaking. I am ashamed.

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At 9:55 AM, Anonymous PC said...

I'm also furious because these people have unthinkingly made Tancredo into a sympathetic figure.

As I said a few years back when the KKK wanted to march through Chapel Hill, the worst thing to do when idiots ask for publicity is to draw MORE attention to them.


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