Friday, February 13, 2009

The Difference Between the Parties

2000 - New Republican administration comes in, there is a massive terrorist attack on US shores, America rallies to the President (despite the fact that the Republican administration failed to heed specific warnings of an attack), Congress (including Democrats) give the President pretty much everything he wants.

2008 - New Democratic administration comes in, the worst economic collapse in the last 70 years is already underway (much of it at least indirectly due to policies of the out-going Republican administration), America rallies to the President, Republicans in Congress do everything they can to stop the President from taking actions to at least lessen the severity of the problem, blocking progress while arguing over 1% of the package.

Republicans really do suck.


Sunday, February 08, 2009

Taxing Weekend

Pretty much finished doing the taxes today - just need to review again before I submit. I love me some Turbotax - just hope I used it better than Tim Geithner. But I assume my taxes are a lot simpler than his.

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False Spring

Had a great ride out past Jordan Lake today - 68 degrees and every motorcycle in North Carolina was on the road. Current forecast looks like I might be riding to work every day this week. I know it won't last but I'll damn sure enjoy it while it does!