Thursday, June 25, 2009


So the T-wolves, with their 4 first round picks, take 3 (count them, 3!) point guards and... Wayne Ellington. I understand Wayne - they're lacking a true shooting guard. And there's no question that with Telfair, Ollie and Bobby Brown, the Wolves are not exactly sporting All-Star caliber PGs. So the question is, who gets traded before the start of next season? I don't pay enough attention to salaries to know what the cap situation is for them or how easy it would be to move Sebastian Telfair, but I'm guessing they keep Ricky Rubio and Ty Lawson from the draft and try to move Jonny Flynn and Telfair. Of course Rubio's 6-5, so maybe they look at him as a combo guard.

Whatever happens, it's interesting to watch the post-Kevin McHale Timberwolves figure things out.