Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Eats!

J and I tried two new Chapel Hill restaurants this weekend, both of which we would recommend. Saturday after I got my comic book fix from Chapel Hill Comics and J picked up paint and stuff from Studio Supply, we checked out Butternut Squash in University Square. Of course, as long-time Chapel Hill residents, we are bound by law to describe any place as where or near where something else used to be - Butternut Squash is on the backside of USquare where Looking Glass used to be. All vegetarian (surprisingly rare in this college town) and much of it vegan and all of it good. My black bean burger was really good and the sweet potato fries were both plentiful and cooked to perfection. So far they haven't gotten their alcohol license but I understand it is coming. Good stuff!

And tonight since we were downtown already, we checked out R & R Grill (where Papagayo's and more recently Goldie's used to be). The place really looks good, the patio is nicely covered, good local art on the wall and the food was excellent! Too many places that have been in that space since Papagayos have eventually focused too much on the bar crowd and not on the food - hopefully this won't happen to R & R. My shrimp scampi pizza was really good (the calamari was a nice surprise). Go check it out - the more of us that do, the longer they'll keep serving good food!