Friday, August 03, 2012

The Return of the Attack of The Terror of Half-Life and Times

Yeah, it's back.  After joining Facebook I got a bit lazy and dropped the blog, but I'm finding FB a bit constraining.  I'm planning to start blogging again for thoughts and discussions that are going to take more than a line or two.  Because, you know, with only the additional job responsibilities I've taken on, settling Dad's estate, maintaining two houses, trying desperately to exercise enough to stay healthy and spending time with my sweetie to occupy my time, I was getting a little bored.

I realized that I've had some sort of presence on the Interwebs since belatedly discovering Usenet in the mid-90s and occasionally contributing to, and a couple of comic book newsgroups.  I did some proto-blogging in the late '90s as an exercise in developing a website for my photography before finally starting this blog in April 2004.  And as further evidence that stuff on the web never goes away, my blog from my sojourn in Chicago a few years ago is still out there as well - Southern Boy in ChiTown.  I don't have any idea what any of that means, other than my profile in cyberspace, as low as it is, is probably higher than it is in meatspace.  I'll leave that for others to decide whether that's sad or not.

I'll spiff up the links on the right someday soon - I think I at least cleared out most of the dead ones.



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