Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Don't Vote

A number of my family and friends have been posting updates on Facebook exhorting people to go vote, regardless of their political affiliation or views.  In general I'm in agreement with them - if you don't play, you frankly lose your right to complain - but I do make the following exceptions:

If you believe that President Obama is being secretly controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood and aims to implement Sharia law across these United States, then you're paranoid and likely clinically insane.  Please don't vote.  Stay home in your basement shelter with your year's supply of canned food and ammo and listen to Mark Levin until the guys in the white lab coats come for you.

If you're still convinced that President Obama was not born in the US despite all the evidence that he was, please don't go out and vote.  With your diminished mental and reasoning capacity, you probably have no business operating a motor vehicle or interacting with the public anyway.

Otherwise, whether your politics agree with mine or not, go do your duty.

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