Thursday, August 09, 2012

Bizarro World - Welfare Edition

So now Mittens is running ads accusing the Obama administration of walking back welfare reform because they've followed the request of some Republican governors to give their states more leeway in how they manage federal funds.  The same leeway, by the way, that Mittens requested and received that allowed him to implement successful health care reforms in Massachusetts that he now disavows.  Except when his spokespeople don't.

Good to know that the Republican campaign is now suggesting that Federal control is better than letting the states manage their own affairs.
This has been today's edition of Bizarro World.


Sunday, August 05, 2012

Dad and UNC Football

It didn't really hit me until yesterday that I'm really going to miss talking to Dad about college football this fall.  Dad was a voracious reader of recruiting news and all the polls and watched as much football as he could get.  I happened to be at his house last fall for that incredible Michigan-Notre Dame night game - neither of us cared at all who won, just that it was a phenomenal game.  No way I would have seen that otherwise.

I've always been a fan of college basketball and professional football before anything else - there were years when I couldn't name more than a handful of starters for UNC's gridders.  But once Dad retired and got off the road and had time to watch, he became a huge fan and his enthusiasm was catching.  Every year started with his prediction that they were going to win at least 2 or 3 games more than they ended up winning and every year he was happily sure that this year he'd be right.  He was really the only person I'd bother talking to about the ugliness of the last couple of years as he was the only person I was sure didn't have an agenda.

I hope Larry Fedora creates something special at UNC and I'll be watching every game that I can and I know more than once I'll catch myself starting to call Dad to celebrate a win and I'll smile around the lump in my throat and thank him for leaving me with something special we shared.

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