Friday, April 11, 2014

A Decayed of Half-Life and Times

I realized last night that this week marks the 10th anniversary of Half-Life and Times, which might be a bit unfair as it has seen very little activity over the last few years.  Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr and Instagram have mostly replaced actual blogs for lots of people, myself included.  But I still find it useful for longer bits of writing and will continue to maintain it - in fact I'm still working (slowly) on some posts on Rhythm Alley that I hope to have up this summer.  I think all the archived posts are still out there, included the ones from a period of years where I was coding my own site rather than using Blogger.

This blog was not my first web presence though.  While I never got into the old BBSes, I did contribute sporadically to a number of USENET groups in the mid-late 90s - primarily those devoted to local music, college basketball and comic books.  And starting around '98 or '99, I was posting static web pages that can only be called a proto-blog, with updates every couple of weeks on what I was up to, what I was reading, what I was listening to, etc.  It also included a collection of local restaurant reviews that I wrote - at the time I was working for Nortel and people were still traveling for business so I pointed them to my page for dining suggestions.  I've likely still got files around somewhere - maybe I'll throw it back up for a couple of days this weekend.

Thanks, Lex, for pushing me to get started!