Saturday, June 07, 2014

Too Funny Not To Share. No, Really.

I've  been trying to decide how to tell this story, or even if I was willing to until after things are resolved.  But this afternoon I realized that it really deserves to be told, for the complete and utter lunacy if nothing else.

So while we were in the mountains the week of Memorial Day, I got a call from my boss.  I'd been laid off from the company I've worked for the last seven years.  Nice.  On the way home from the mountains I managed to burn out the brakes on the XTerra, which is going to require substantial and expensive repairs.  Having made it home, brakes grinding away, we walked in to find the temperature upstairs was 83 degrees as the upstairs A/C was broken.  While waiting for the A/C repairman to arrive, I decided to cut the grass which was way overdue, only to find that the lawnmower wouldn't start.  At least I thought I could relax and stream some "Archer" (we had immediately dropped our cable service to cut costs), but the O/S drive on the home theater PC suffered a fatal heart attack and died a grisly death.

But you know what?  We're fine.  I've got a bunch of incredibly wonderful friends and colleagues joining me in beating the bushes for job opportunities.  While the XTerra is idled, we've got the Fit and my motorcycle and my bicycle and my other bicycle and my feet and the awesome Chapel Hill Transit System, which for the time being is still free.  And the kayak if it rains like it did last summer.  The A/C problem turned out to be a couple of hundred bucks to repair instead of a couple of thousand.  The lawnmower was at least 7-8 years old - stuff happens.  And I built the damn PC so I can damn well replace the drive and rebuild it and I've always made sure we didn't store anything critical on it, so nothing was lost.  Eh.  Jeannette has been fabulous as always (we just had the 30th anniversary of our first date!).  We're going to be okay.

I'm sure I should feel sad and worried and despondent and all that and if nothing shakes out in the next couple of months, that'll probably be my reality.  But for now I'm out pounding the pavement for the first time since 1987 and while I might be pissed about the circumstances behind it (okay, I'm definitely pissed about the circumstances behind it!), I'm looking forward to my next gig, whatever it ends up being.

I don't plan on posting a lot of stuff about my job search on social media - this is going to take some time so just accept that as I have.  I'll damn sure let everyone know once I've found something new.  In the meantime, if you know of anyone that needs some IT managed, send 'em my way.

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