Friday, September 04, 2015

Driving Music - Preesh!

The Xterra is getting a bit long in the tooth - multi-CD changer but no MP3 player.  So I had the bright idea of making a CD of the songs that Preesh! covered at the Cat's Cradle last weekend during the Be Loud! Sophie benefit - until I came to the shocking realization that I had copies of everything on the setlist except the first and last tunes.  I do have the Hindu Love Gods on cassette but I've never digitized it and the only Prince I've got is the vinyl for 1999.  And while I have copies of almost everything Elvis Costello has ever recorded, I did not (until tonight) own a copy of Imperial Bedroom in any format.  Thanks to Google Play that has been rectified and I did go with the Warren Zevon/Hindu Love Gods version of "Raspberry Beret".

So the CD is now complete, with live versions of "Respectable Street", "Bad Reputation" and "Driven to Tears" all taken from the incredible Urgh! A Music War soundtrack.

Ready for the road!



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