Sunday, June 25, 2017

Storage Unit Life

For reasons that are not particularly interesting, we've spent the past couple of weeks moving a whole bunch of stuff out of a self-storage unit over near New Hope Commons and into one out on of Old Greensboro Highway.  As we've done this, we've spent a bit of time at the old storage unit clearing things out and have noticed some interesting stuff going on, particularly on Sundays when there's no management on-site (but when one would assume the security cameras are still active).

On the row that our unit was on, there's a dude that hangs out in his 5'x10' storage unit with a large tower PC and a Mohu Leaf over-the-air TV antenna.  He's got a desk set up and enough open floor space for a desk chair in front of it (and not much else).  He was hanging out there while the office was open so obviously the mgmt knows he's there but on Sundays he puts up a picnic canopy over the front (it gets hot as hell there in the afternoons).  We had a sturdier 8'x8' canopy that we got for free a few years ago and used all of once, so I gave it to him as we were taking the last load out Saturday.  Gotta wonder if he's sleeping in the woods nearby or on friends' sofas and using the storage unit to hang out during the day.  I can kinda understand that one.

The weirder one was the guy with the 10'x10' unit on the outside row near ours.  As I was carting crap to the dumpster, I walked up that way to take advantage of the shade and walked past this guy.  He had an *expensive* canopy up with lawn furniture out under it and was standing in the doorway drinking a beer, with some nice Tejano coming from inside the unit.  The next Sunday, he had the hose from the office stretched back to his unit where he was washing his late-model pickup truck.  Definitely not sleeping in the woods.  Is that just his man-cave?  His place to chill away from family?  I know he's not the manager but they've got to know he's there unless no one ever reviews the security recordings.

So my question is - is this common?  I've typically just run over, thrown a bunch of bins full of Christmas decorations in the XTerra and gotten out, so I've not spent much time over there.  Curious as to whether this is a thing that others have seen at other self-storage places.