Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Happy Blogiversary to Me

I started Half-Life and Times 14 years ago this week, as UConn was beating Dook then Georgia Tech for the nattie championship behind Emeka Okafor and as we were mired in the early stages of two Middle Eastern wars with a preznit that we were sure was the worst we'd ever see in our lifetimes.  Ugh.

This actually wasn't my first blog, though.  In '99 and '00, I maintained a static webpage that I updated every couple of weeks with bloggie thoughts.  I also maintained a very subjective restaurant guide of Chapel Hill/Carrboro and a bit of Durham, primarily for the folks that I worked with that traveled here for meetings (my boss at the time was an Ann Arbor-turned-Chapel Hill guy and used to insist that we meet in CH rather than out in RTP).  I've looked but I'm not finding any of those old pages, despite the idea that nothing on the web ever disappears.

After starting this blog on Blogger, I actually hand-built pages for it for a couple of years until Blogger got better and stopped eating my posts.  Those are archived as well (there's a link).

If there is a highlight of this thing for me, it was the series of posts I published in August 2014 about our time with Rhythm Alley (actually a thinly-disguised love letter to Jeannette) - they're still out there if anyone's interested.

Given the way FB is going, it's quite possible that Half-Life and Times will outlive my FB presence, so here's to another few years at least.

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