Wednesday, April 28, 2004

No Doonesbury?

So the Durham Herald-Sun was one of all of 10 newspapers in the country to pull Doonesbury last week because B.D., realizing he'd had a leg amputated, yelled "Son of a bitch!"? Uh, dude, I think that's about the mildest thing I can imagine saying in that situation.

"Because of a vulgarity in the cartoon, Doonesbury will not appear today. The strip will resume Saturday. Today's strip dealt with the continuing recuperation of the character B.D. after suffering a combat wound in Iraq."

Uh, I think that was actually pretty mild - my reaction would likely be more along the lines of "Motherfucker!?!?!?" or "Just fucking shoot me!" so I thought Trudeau was actually pretty restrained. Given the paper's lack of balls in covering the war, I shouldn't be too surprised.


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