Monday, June 07, 2004

Prisoner of Azkaban

JennySlash and I saw it last night and we definitely belong in the "best Potter movie yet" camp. It also happens to be my favorite book of the 5 so far (although Order of the Phoenix is pretty close). I know many people won't have seen it yet, so no spoilers here - just generalities (I know you've all read the book, but this one strays a little further from the text than its predecessors). Much less focus on veteran English actors and much more on the three principals - while I have absolutely enjoyed the performances of Maggie Smith, Alan Rickman, etc. the dominance of Harry, Hermione and Ron (primarily the first two) was fine with me. I think Emma Watson really steals this movie, actually - of the three, I think she's so far shown the most genuine acting talent. Excellent work by David Thewlis as Lupin and Gary Littleoldman [sorry, Mel Brooks reference - TP] as Sirius Black - Oldman doesn't get a lot of screentime (yet) but makes good use of what's there. Kudos to Cuaron - Hogworts is given a much more expansive feel this time through - the grounds are freaking HUGE! CGI is good but not overwhelming. I know there are a lot of other movies coming out that are competing for our entertainment bucks, but we'll definitely want to see this one at least one more time on the big screen.


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