Sunday, July 18, 2004

Death Run 1983

I was looking through some old file folders earlier in the week and ran across the map from Death Run 1983 - the layout of Franklin Street and Rosemary Street with our plan of attack to hit as many bars as we could on a Friday night. Included were the locations of the cars we drove to town so that we could retrieve them on Saturday and the phone number of the person who was picking us up to drive us all home from wherever we ended up (very organized, we were!). Bill Krampf and I were the only ones to make it the whole way through - 17 beers in 16 bars over the course of about 7 hours. I'm not sure whether it's more surprising how many of those bars still exist or how many of them are gone.

1 - Looking Glass Cafe - long gone - dinner and 1 beer (this was really a pre-Death Run stop to fuel up)
2 - Henderson St. Bar - still there - 2 beers (I think Bill and I were waiting for Jim to join us)
3 - Jordan's - long gone - 1 beer
4 - Troll's - long gone - 1 beer
5 - Backstreet's - long gone - 1 beer
6 - Molly Maguire's - long gone - 1 beer
7 - Papagayo's - long gone - 1 beer
8 - Four Corners - long gone - 1 beer
9 - Rathskeller - still there - 1 beer
10 - Carolina Coffee Shoppe - still there - 1 beer
11 - Upper Deck - long gone - 1 beer
12 - Spanky's - still there - 1 beer
13 - Linda's - different location - 1 beer
14 - Mr. Gatti's - long gone - 1 beer + refueling (mmmm, pizza!)
15 - He's Not Here - still there - 1 beer
16 - Colonel Chutney's - long gone - 1 beer

So out of 16 places we hit, 5 are still in existence and another is in a different location (Linda's moved to the old Sadlacks spot). I have no idea what's in the old Looking Glass space - nothing has done very well there and University Square is almost dead. Jordan's has been Bub O'Malley's for years and Troll's has been Hell for years - haven't been into either one of them. Backstreet's was torn down, Molly's hung around for awhile in sort of an on-again, off-again existence - that space hasn't done well in years either. Papagayo's is now Goldie's, which is a really nice looking space now but again, rumored to not be doing well. Four Corners is now Woody's - my favorite sports bar in town. The Upper Deck is now a University office, Mr. Gatti's is now an empty restaurant space yet again and Chutney's has been Pantana Bob's for a long time. We had some additional places on the list in case we were able to go on - Bullwinkle's, the Sidetrack, the Cave, Tijuana Fats. Of those the Cave is still going strong - the rest are long gone.

Now it would probably be easier (and possibly more dangerous) to do the same thing with coffee rather than beer - my guess is I'd feel worse the Saturday after that than I did post-Death Run 20-some years ago! But another beer run - I could be up for it if there are any takers out there!


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