Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hot Blogging

Yeah, so I haven't been blogging much lately - not that I haven't had anything to say, but I just haven't felt like making the time to say it. Today I shouldn't have felt like doing much of anything, but instead we ended up running around all day. Got up before it got too hot just to take the motorcycle out for a spin since most of my riding has been start-and-stop commuting. Took the Old Greensboro road from University Lake out to 87 and then up to Saxapahaw before riding back. With the old mill there now turned into really nice looking apartments and shops, they've been doing a farmer's/craft market and live music on Saturday evenings - too hot today but worth a ride out some Saturday when it's a bit more temperate.

We then drove out to the North Carolina Museum of Art to check out the Far From Home exhibit - very nice and definitely worth a visit before it leaves next month. So now we're home and I'm sitting out back on the porch listening to Dave Brubeck and chatting with you guys while sweating my ass off.

I suspect that now that we're down to two candidates left for the presidency (apologies to Bob Barr fans) that I'll probably start blogging a bit more frequently. I just didn't feel like getting into the internecine warfare that seemed to be going on more on the blogs than between the actual candidates - now that I can cover up my Kerry/Edwards sticker with an Obama in '08 sticker, I'll be talking more about what a horrible disaster John McCain would be as president...

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