Saturday, August 09, 2014

Be Loud! Sophie

Tonight was a pretty incredible night at the Cradle, with three bands that (sorta) played the Rhythm Alley back in our day coming together for an important cause.  As many times as I've heard Dex, he continues to amaze me and I've loved Sara's drumming since seeing her a frightening number of years ago.  The Connells were one of my favorite bands and it was wonderful to see and hear them again.  Back when we owned Rhythm Alley, Greg Stafford and I snuck off to The Cave after soundcheck for a beer which turned into 3 or 4 for me and I remember somewhat drunkenly (and accurately) telling him that I thought they were the best rock and roll band in the world.  I stand by that statement now and I think that they've gotten even better.

But none of that is what was important tonight.  What mattered was a bunch of people coming together to raise money for the Be Loud! Sophie Foundation.  You can read the story here  (and you should) but for those of you with limited attention spans, there's a gap between the way juvenile and adult cancer patients (and their families) are supported and the foundation is raising money to try to fill that gap and improve the support for adolescent and young adult cancer patients.

The show Saturday night is sold out but that doesn't stop you from supporting this worthwhile cause - please check it out and do what you can to help.

And Be Loud!

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