Thursday, April 29, 2004

Sinclair-owned ABC affiliates to preempt Friday's "Nightline"?

From Poynter Online by way of Slapnose, it appears that the Sinclair-operated ABC stations (including, I believe, the one in Greensboro) are being told to pre-empt this Friday's show, which will consist of a reading of the names of all the service people killed in action in Iraq. For anyone who isn't sure which stations are run by Sinclair, they're the ones that feature commentary from Mark Hyman, one of the smarmiest cheesedicks I have ever seen actually appear on television. Sinclair is also one of the leaders in centralizing local news broadcasts, so your weather forecast for Asheville on WLOS is probably delivered by someone in, say, Baltimore. Peachy.

While I question whether this week's "Nightline" broadcast is news, tasteful or good television, I'm pretty surprised that SBG is setting themselves up for the kind of criticism that is sure to follow this. I just don't see this as a winning issue for them.


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