Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Are we better off?

I just sent the following letter to the editor to the Durham Herald-Sun - I'll let you know if it sees print.
In 1980, Americans were asked whether they were better off than they'd been four years earlier. We looked around at high gas prices, Middle Eastern-based terrorism, prices rising faster than wages, job uncertainty, skyrocketing national deficits and enough people answered no that Jimmy Carter became a one-term president.

The same question should be asked today and I for one can tell you that as I see friends and former coworkers who have been out of work or greatly underemployed for two years now, as I look at the hold that terrorists have gained on our national psyche, as I watch the folks at the gas station raising the prices on the sign out front multiple times a day and as I watch wages going nowhere fast while my future is mortgaged against the biggest budget deficit in history, my answer is clearly no. I feel less secure in my job, I feel less secure in my family's safety and I feel less secure in my future and my ability to retire at some point and enjoy it.

Will this inform my vote for President this fall? You betcha - clearly the precedent has been set. We need to make George W Bush a one-term president.


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