Monday, August 29, 2005

Some Good News

They're not big things, in fact they're of no consequence to most people, but they're the little things that make life marginally better and that's something to take note of...

A year after it burned down, the Starlite Drive-In Theater in Durham reopened with a sold-out showing of The Dukes of Hazzard. Our house in Durham was not too far from the theater and we managed to make a few movies there (I think we saw Buffy the Vampire Slayer there, which probably says a lot about why I liked the movie so much) but haven't been in years. We'll definitely be heading back this fall!

A couple of weeks ago, despite a couple of setbacks, House Bill 392 passed and was signed into law by Gov. Easley, raising the cap on alcohol content of beer from 6% to 15% over the objections of the usual suspects. We were perusing the beer cooler at A Southern Season Saturday and overheard a gentleman my age acting like a kid in a candy store as he loaded up on Belgian Dubbels. His wife sort of apologetically said something about not having to make the drive to Virginia anymore...

On the subject of beer, I had lunch at Top of the Hill Saturday and asked the bartender how sales of their cans were doing. A few months ago, they started canning a lager and their most excellent Davie Poplar India Pale Ale primarily for golfers. As I understand it, they were one of the first microcanners in the country. According to the bartender, sales have skyrocketed far beyond what they had expected - they're not only in EarthFare and Whole Foods markets across the state as well as a number of golf courses - they're even talking to Piggly-Wiggly and moving into South Carolina. The owner and the brewmaster were in Charleston this weekend at the same time they got a big mention in the Wall Street Journal on Friday. The IPA is outselling the lager (probably at least in part because of the Carolina Blue can and the renaming of it to Ram's Head IPA). It's damn good stuff, but I still prefer to sit at the bar or on the deck drinking the draft.

So never let it be said that I only post bad news!


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