Wednesday, October 19, 2005

On the Boob Tube - Tuesday Edition

There's really only one new show I'm interested in on Tuesdays, but damn if it ain't a good one!

My Name is Earl - 9:00 pm (NBC)
Earl is pushing Arrested Development as the best and funniest comedy on television. Sure, Earl looks a lot (well, maybe is a lot) like Nic Cage's H.I. character in Raising Arizona, but that ain't a bad model. I've been a fan of Jason Lee since Mallrats and he doesn't disappoint, but the real surprises are Jaime Pressly as Earl's trailer trash ex-wife Joy and Ethan Suplee as Earl's lazy brother. If you haven't caught it yet, they're rerunning the pilot next week. The writing is right on, the characters are over the top but grounded enough in people that you've likely known that they work (JennySlash is convinced that she was Joy's roommate at some point in time). The premise is one of those that is brilliant in its simplicity but allows for a huge number of scenarios to explore. Wouldn't change a thing.
5.0 bleary eyes out of 5

New Shows I'm Not Watching - The Office (love Steve "Produce Pete" Carell but just haven't found the show all that funny - would rather watch Office Space for the umpteenth time), Bones (love David Boreanaz but J's tried it with mixed results), Commander-in-Chief and Supernatural (both would have been interesting to try out but they both conflict with Earl so they lose and lose big).


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