Sunday, December 25, 2005

Who Needs a White Christmas?

Christmas Eve in the low 60's with beautiful blue skies - ah, Christmas in the Carolinas! My neighbor's mountain-biking buddies were in full force with at least 3 of 'em gearing up at Steve's by noon. I got the bike out around 1:30 to ride over to University Mall by way of the Bolin Creek Greenway myself (if they ever complete that thing all the way to Chapel Hill High as proposed, I may never drive again). Passed a retired neighbor couple on their wheels on the way to the Greenway and then spent the next mile and a half dodging runners, walkers, bladers, razor-ers, stollers, dogwalkers and assorted others out enjoying the day - I love it! I always like to save a couple of things that aren't all that important to buy on Christmas Eve, especially hitting A Southern Season to help Santa find some goodies for the stockings. Got some candy and more drugs for JS from the drugstore, a Christmas hug from G at Kitchenworks with a promise that we'd all go see the big monkey movie next week for her birthday and braved the throngs around the candy aisles at ASS - wouldn't be Christmas without it!

It did rain for much of the morning today, but it cleared up just long enough in the afternoon for the seemingly thousands of neighborhood kids to hit the streets on their new bikes and trikes and radio-controlled vehicles and Barbie-mobiles, etc. JS felt good enough to go for a walk so we strolled around the neighborhood enjoying the decorations and the smell of charcoal grills getting cranked.

Our popular perceptions of Christmas seem to have been cemented by New England writers so they all seem to involve disappointment if snow is not involved, but I'll take shirtsleeve weather, backyard barbeques and a thousand five-year-olds with new training wheels any day!


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