Thursday, January 03, 2008

WDW Trip Report - Day 6 (Disney Studios, EPCOT, Departure)

Last day. We packed up and called the bellman to hold our luggage while we got out to do a little more park hopping. We started out by walking over the the Studios. We didn't have any plans for lunch but there was no line at the Brown Derby so we had a second terrific meal there, this one sitting outside on the patio. Thus fortified, we walked back to the Boardwalk and on to EPCOT for some last-minute shopping. The main thing was to relax and enjoy the last bit of the trip.

So we picked up a few things at Mouse Gears in Futureworld, grabbed a beer in Canadia and stopped off to hear a bit of Off Kilter's set before making our way back through England and back to the Boardwalk. We had a few minutes to rearrange our luggage and get things set before the Tiffany driver showed up (right on time) to whisk us back to the airport. The flight back was uneventful, except for my sympathy for the young father of two sitting a couple of rows ahead of us that spent the entire flight throwing up in the bathroom and didn't make it to the parking lot at RDU before hitting the barf bag again. I've rarely felt so sorry for anyone I'd never met.

Overall, it was a great trip and one that was long overdue.

Our room at the Boardwalk was the middle large balcony to the right of the star on the tree

JennySlash and lunch at the Brown Derby

The Fountain of Nations and Spaceship Earth

The rest of the photos from Day Six are in the gallery here.

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