Saturday, June 07, 2008

No-Repeat Summer

JennySlash and I have a habit of picking one or two restaurants and then eating nowhere else for months at a time, despite having a wealth of incredible dining options in the western half of the Triangle. From time to time we've decided to do a "no-repeat" month, where we don't eat anyplace more than once. In thinking about doing that again and thinking of all of the places we've either not tried or only tried once, we decided to try a "no-repeat" summer this time, from June 1 through August 31. The one exception, since we're talking about such a long period of time, is Margaret's Cantina - Margaret's is available regardless of how many times we've eaten there, although we do want to minimize visits there in order to try some other places.

So Friday night we stopped at Brixx in Meadowmont after working out at the Wellness Center - sat at the bar and I had a really nice shrimp and pineapple pizza and a couple of pints from their very decent selection of pulls. Tonight is was Squid's after the museum - the fried calamari was quite good (but what I wouldn't give for someone around here that would grill calamari without breading it - Top of the Hill used to but they've dropped it from the menu). The grilled scallops special was very good as well - I can say that while it may not be as good as Devon or Oceanaire, I've never had a disappointing meal at Squid's.

I don't really plan on doing restaurant reviews like I used to 7 or 8 years ago, but I will be keeping a running commentary of our no-repeat summer if for no other reason than to remind us of where we've eaten and where we have yet to go.



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