Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dublin Trip - Beer

I should preface this by saying that while I've always talked positively about Guinness, it's never been one of my favorites. Not only do I enjoy more hoppy, bitey quaffs like Pale Ales and IPAs much more, I even like things like Old Rasputin Imperial Stout and Rogue Shakespeare Stout and Founders Breakfast Stout more that Guinness. That being said, I can safely say that all of the stories I was told by people about how much better Guinness is in Dublin than here are all lies. The hotel pub, as nice as it was, had the flattest, most syrupy stout I've ever had. Pubs in the city centre were not much better. The beer highlights of the trip were the Tsingtaos consumed when we hit a Chinese restaurant for dinner on Thursday and the Stella I had on Friday night before packing up. Beer selection ain't like it is in the US now, with bars like Tyler's Taproom or Flying Saucer trying to outdo each other on the number of craft beers they sell and brewpubs like Carolina Brewery and Top of the Hill in every city. Choices were mostly limited to Guinness, Beamish, Smithwicks, Becks, Stella, Heineken, Budweiser and Miller. I was fortunate enough to find a Bass Pale Ale somewhere, but never saw Harps, which I think is one of the finest lagers around. I basically spent the week drinking Guinness and Smithwicks and wishing for a Mad River Steelhead Double IPA (my new favorite) or a Menocino White Hawk Select. I may never drink another Guinness again.

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At 10:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cliff will be sooo disappointed. ;-)

At 4:17 PM, Blogger Cindy Lee said...

Tis little tidbit about Ireland is very disappointing. Bad beer in Ireland.... damm


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