Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dublin Trip - Clontarf Castle Hotel

Scaffolding was for ivy removal on the tower

Red circle is the location of the hotel

Spent last week at the Clontarf Castle Hotel in Clontarf northeast of Dublin proper. It's a great location for my work as it is not too far from the airport and less than a couple of miles from the office, but not so great a location for getting into the Dublin City Centre as a taxi is required (unless you're suicidal enough to rent a car) and it can take 15-20 minutes to get a taxi out to pick you up. The hotel itself is nice though, combining a 12th century manorhouse/stronghold with modern hotel rooms and a good pub. They certainly won favor after we shut the pubs down at 1:30 on Thursday night and took taxis back to the hotel - when we found the hotel pub closed as well, one of the bright guys that works for me checked with reception and they were more than willing to serve us pints in the lobby. Of course that meant I wasn't in bed until 3am and was in no shape to work Friday, but I'd only planned to do a half anyway before going into the city to buy souvenirs. If you are planning to hit the town every night, it's probably not convenient but for work it was great!



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