Monday, September 01, 2008


I've had a strong suspicion that the Repuglicans were planning a September surprise and we'd hear that McSame was dropping out of the race due to "health reasons" and we'd see Romney or Huckleberry or someone else get tabbed. With Sarah Palin's annointment as the VP candidate, now I'm thinking it's more likely that the Repub powers-that-be are hanging them both out to dry. They've realized what a fucking mess they're leaving the country in and figure that whoever gets "lucky" enough to inherit it is in a no-win situation. So why sacrifice someone that might have a chance in 2012 - throw McSame and his new squeeze under the bus and line up your candidates for the next go-round. Sure, it's cynical (no more cynical than a lot of pundits were suggesting Hill was being). Throw Palin in to appease the Dobson crowd and string them along for another 4 years without having to worry about her ever seriously getting anywhere close to the White House.

Nothing else about this makes any damn sense to me at all.



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