Thursday, December 08, 2005

Killing Christmas

As if the non-issues of flag burning (fuck you, Hillary Clinton - you will NEVER be president no matter how many right-wing asses you kiss), gay marriage and the like are not enough distractions from real problems (like, oh, illegal and immoral wars, increase in poverty, totally corrupt ruling party, etc.), professional asshat and sexual predator Bill O'Reilly has decided that there is a left-wing, atheist, Jew-led campaign to kill any public acknowledgement of Christmas.

If it's that important, then by golly I'll help him out. Hey, Bill! Tonight while I was watching the Sinclair Broadcasting-owned WB affiliate (yes, the home of noted left-wing radical
Mark Hyman), they ran a station ID with the tech crew wishing us all "Happy Holidays"! Clearly Sinclair Broadcasting is in league with Jon Stewart and Michael Moore in killing Christmas!

Eternal vigilance is required to keep Christmas safe for
Santa Claus and Baby Jeebus, so help us out here! Report any cases of Christmas killing to Mr. O'Reilly and me as soon as you see them!


At 12:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember a great greeting inscription I once saw in a catalog from one of those large card imprint companies that do personal as well as business imprinting. It ran:

"Greetings to You in this Season of Free Enterprise"

Maybe we could all use that one?


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