Thursday, December 08, 2005

Scandal Season

I've not been posting about the scandals plaguing the Repuglicans in Congress for two reasons - lack of time and the fact that Josh and Kevin and others are doing such a great job of covering them. The Duke Cunningham scandal feels really "retro" - real 70's. Straight bribery and influence peddling with no discernable ideology. The Abramoff thing though is just an awesome mess - an incredible number of people involved and touching so many different areas. I certainly don't have the patience to unravel it so thanks to the political bloggers for taking care of that for us.

The main reason I'm bringing it up now is a couple of posts from Josh indicating that the Repuglican slime machine is starting to try to tie as many Dems as possible to Abramoff in order to make it look like this is not a partisan issue. The Washington Post has already started down this road - if there are 25 Rethugs involved and 1 Dem, then it's a bipartisan issue. Unbelievable - and something we should all be watching for and calling it when we see it. It's not that Dems are necessarily above this kind of thing or inherently more honest - it's more that we don't have any influence to sell. That being said, it has been pointed out by many that it took 40 years of Democratic control of Congress before they even approached the kind of sleaziness the Rethugs managed in just a few short years.


At 10:43 PM, Blogger Lex said...

What has gone on in the five years since 12/12/2000 has been enough to make me seriously ponder going back to school and becoming a historian. On the other hand, when the books finally are written, they'll be 20-volume behemoths and I'll be 137 years old. And that's only if I work fast. I mean, no kidding, this dwarfs Nixon, Johnson, Harding, Grant ... you pretty much have to go back to imperial Rome to find anything comparable.


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