Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Ban Oprah!!

While I've thought that banning Oprah was a worthwhile activity anyway, BoingBoing reports an effort by Howard Stern and his listeners to point out to the FCC the double standard that they are applying to the two shows, in particular a show Oprah aired on teen sex that included what was apparently some pretty graphic descriptions of some, uh, non-standard sexual practices.

The Smoking Gun has received copies of more than 1600 complaints about that episode thanks to a FOIA request. It is impossible to know which complaints are real, but many of them are downright hilarious: 'The Oprah show ... was so offensive that my child's head literally exploded. Please ban free speech so this never happens again.'

I've figured out that my television has both an off switch and a method for changing the channels at my own discretion, so I haven't had to be subjected to either Mr. Stern or Ms. Winfrey - pity more sets aren't equipped with such devices so that people could do for themselves what they seem to need the government to do for them.


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