Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Happy Belated Birthday, Donna!

I pretty well suck at being a brother. Yesterday was my only sible's birthday and I didn't send her a card and forgot to call her. Yep, I suck. I can't even use this blog entry as a cheap-ass birthday card since she doesn't have Internet access. Guess I'll have to print it out and send it to her.

So, thanks for all the many, many hours of playing two-hand Monopoly and Life and Dealer's Choice and Rummy Royal and Sorry growing up. Thanks for not leaving permanent scars on my forearms from the "claws of doom" during any of our backseat fights during those interminable family vacation road trips. Thanks for introducing me to your roommate in Boone that summer - I almost scored (well, at least she let me think I almost scored and I had fun trying!). Thanks for not killing me later for having convinced you as a child that you were adopted. Thanks for my very cool nephew - it's not your fault he's such a goofus! Well, yeah, I guess it kinda is. Thanks for not waking me up when JennySlash called the day after my 10 year high school reunion and I had the worst hangover in the history of hangovers - your inaction likely prevented two senseless killings. And thanks for having the kind of party room in your house that every 16-year-old kid in America dreams of having except yours, which means it gets left for us adults who can really appreciate it!

So happy birthday! And I promise I'll try to be a less sucky big brother. Really. I mean it. Honest.

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