Thursday, September 15, 2005

A-I-Y-E-E!! It's Cantore! Run Away!

JennySlash and I have a long-standing agreement that if we're ever walking down the beach and we see the Weather Channel's Jim Cantore, we're running for the car and getting the hell out of there. Sure, they like to stick Stephanie Abrams out in the wind to watch her blow around and Jeff Morrow shows up in some pretty sticky situations, but Cantore's the guy that's always where it's expected to be the worst. So as JS said last night, even if it's just walking into Chilli Pepper's and seeing Cantore at the bar with a cold Corona, we're heading for higher ground.

Ophelia is still inching along the Banks, dumping a foot of water and a lot of wind on some of my favorite pieces of real estate. It hasn't really even made it as far as northern OBX where we spend most of our time - the Avalon Pier webcam at KDH is still up as I write (actually, I just noticed that the Hatteras Lighthouse cams are still up as well). The problem with hurricanes out there is that there's so much water that can be acted on - massive rain, storm surge overwash from the ocean, backside overwash and mainland flooding from the waters of the massive sounds. 85 mph winds are nothing to sneeze at either. This thing still hasn't made the short haul from Wilmington to Cape Hatteras in 24 hours - heck, I could haeve kayaked that distance by now (well, almost). It's going to be a rough day.


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