Tuesday, September 20, 2005

NC Representin'

On the other hand (see previous post), the guv gets some love in the comments of Daily Kos. I've got to say that I've not been Governor Easley's biggest fan but he's pretty clearly got something on the ball. During the elections last year, he seemed to be doing his best to distance himself from the Democratic Party and guess what - Kerry/Edwards loses, Bowles loses and Easley wins going away. Since then his comments about "King of the Hill" Democrats have gotten him favorable national attention, he's finally gotten his pet project (a lottery for NC) passed, he got more national press in the aftermath of Katrina for having the absolute gall to suggest that we might want to stay home Labor Day and cut down on gas consumption (and he seemed in the loop and in control as Ophelia wandered around off the NC coast) while getting in a dig at the current administration

The question is - what's next? He can't run for governor again in 2008, he doesn't seem to have any national (i.e. presidential) aspirations and if he were to run for the Senate in 2008 it'd be for Liddy Dole's seat (which one assumes she'd be trying to defend). Of course, Liddy might just line herself up for a run at the Presidency - JS has opined for years that she had the best shot at being the first female POTUS (I agree that the first one will likely be a Republican - let's just hope it's not Condi or /* shudder */ Coulter). So there might be some opportunity there after all.

More than Easley, I'd love to see David Price either take on Liddy in 2008 or Burr in 2010. He's got a pretty safe seat in the House (I think he learned his lesson a few years ago about not bothering to campaign - I suspect his two-year hiatus won't be repeated) and at 65 he's probably more interested in a couple more House terms and then calling it quits, but he's a good guy and one that I think could do some good in the other chamber. On the other hand, Easley is 10 years younger and I can't see him retiring after his current term is over. We could certainly do (and have done) much worse.


At 10:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Ann Coulter runs for President, I believe we should follow her own advice as to how to handle hostile nations: assassinate her and convert her followers to Christianity.

Preferably in that order.


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